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Setup & Installation: Norton

norton setup

How To Set Your Product, Here is how.

You will need to download and install norton on your computer first. The computer you want it to be installed on goto https://norton.com/setup. If you have a norton account just sign in if not then go through the process.

Once you are in your account, you can setup allmost everything there,like enter product key,manage your subscription,setup the protection and extend it to any other PC MAC android iOS device.

All the US and Canadian users will have free On the phone support and Chat support 24x7 available. You will have all the help you need.

Setup Of Norton Internet Security Firewall's install or setup www.Norton.com antivirus managing and subscription managing can be done there easily by just logging in.Install or Setup using your product key

Installation Process Guide. Step-by-step

Goto www.norton.com/setup ,log-in to your account, in the setup window ,click Download Norton . If you want to install a product which is not in the account yet ,you will have to click Enter a New Product Key

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CALL TOLL FREE: +1 (800) -596-8441 and you will hve free help at your service with no charges involved at all for the fixup.


Set your Norton Product Online with ease. Install Download Activate Change your product, Visit Official website norton.com/setup to register your 25 digit Key Code.

The 25-characters alpha-numeric code is on the back of the card. Here is the Sample Product Key to make you understand



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